Unicorn Nails 5 Piece Manicure Kit

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Treat yourself to mirror nails so magical everyone will think they’re mythical! This amazing kit gives you a top coat, base coat, and white gel colour coat and that all-important unicorn magic mirror powder to get the perfect sparkly look at your fingertips. It even includes a 36-watt UV lamp to cure your nails in two minutes. Check out the video

Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s got the most beautiful nails of them all?

Get the most amazing look for your nails with this magic mirror powder from 14 Day Manicure

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Apply a thin layer of 14 Day Manicure Base coat and cure under lamp

2. Apply a thin layer of 14 Day Manicure White Colour coat and cure under lamp (repeat this step)

3. Apply a layer of 14 Day Manicure No-Wipe top coat and cure

4. Using the brush provided, rub a generous amount of mirror powder over your nails

5. Apply a final of 14 Day Manicure No-Wipe top coat and cure

6. Your new Rose Gold Nails are ready to rock!

You Get:

  • Magic Mirror Powder Unicorn Effect
  • 10 ml no-wipe Top Coat (doesn’t require cleanser)
  • 10 ml 14 Day Manicure Base Coat
  • 36 Watt UV Lamp (2 minute cure, 4 bulbs included, 9 month warranty)
  • 14 Day Manicure Pure White Gel colour coat 10 ml

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ingredients: urethane acrylate oligomer, hydroxethyl methacrylate, hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone, phenylbis (2,4,6-trimethy ibenzoyl) phosphene oxide.