Any 4 Color Starter Kit with Mini LED Lamp, Base + Top Coat, Remover & Accessories


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Gel Polish Starter Kit with LED Lamp:

  • starter kit includes:- 5 finger cure LED Lamp with timer,  Any 4 colours, Base & Top Coat Express (you no longer need Cleanser), Remover & Accessories

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Get a superior service with the 14 Day Manicure brand 14+ day nail color system.  Featuring a Base Coat, Color Coat and top Coat – and the exclusive 14 Day Manicure LED Lamp – the brand system works like no other to deliver two weeks of high-performance wear with no nail damage.

All you need to get a Salon Professional Gel Manicure from home. Step 1.  Simply apply the base coat supplied and dry under lamp for 30 seconds. Step 2. Apply Your color coat and dry for 30 seconds repeat this step if necessary. Step 3 Apply top coat dry 30 seconds. You now have your very own Shellac Manicure.  High Gloss Flawless Nails for up to 2 Weeks.

Kit comes with Remover, Any 4 Colours, LED Lamp, Base & Top Coat, 7 Way Buffer Nail File, Kenga File and Instructions.  Everything you need to get the Salon look from home.


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